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Tasting notes

  1. Abrahalls - AD

    Abrahalls - AD

    6.5% - Dry

    Skillfully crafted, this still dry cider is well rounded and easy to drink. It’s produced on Celtic Marches Herefordshire farm and made from 100% apples. Learn More
  2. Abrahalls - Lily The Pink
    A medium fruity cider, gorgeous pink colour and intense fruity aroma. Very drinkable. Made from 100% apples on their Herefordshire Farm. Learn More
  3. Abrahalls - Slack Alice

    Abrahalls - Slack Alice

    4.6% - Medium

    A well rounded, medium cider. Slightly tangy and very drinkable. Made from 100% apples on their Herefordshire Farm. Learn More
  4. Broadoak - Bootleg Moonshine
    The Original Cider Company has been producing cider and perry in Somerset for over 25 years.They are now one of the country’s largest independent producers. Broadoak Moonshine is a very sweet and clear cider with a very fruity flavour. Learn More
  5. Broadoak - Perry

    Broadoak - Perry

    7.5% - Perry

    Broadoak Perry was a CAMRA gold award winner in 2009. This is a smooth, delicately sweet drink with is a firm favourite with many. Learn More
  6. Cider Beast - Feral Nancy
    Feral Nancy is a meticulously blended cider, produced using some of the best apples Somerset has to offer. Matured in the dynamic Sheffield climate, this beast of a cider is wild and unique. Learn More
  7. Glebe Farm - Cherry Side-R

    Glebe Farm - Cherry Side-R

    6% - Sweet fruit

    A cider made only with Cambridgeshire Apples with a natural cherry flavour. A rich velvet texture. Great for meat dishes or strong flavours. Learn More
  8. Glebe Farm - Elderflower Side-R

    Glebe Farm - Elderflower Side-R

    6.5% - Sweet fruit

    Made on Glebe Farm in Cambridgeshire and flavoured with natural elderflower, the resulting cider infusion is deliciously light and a refreshing intense Elderflower taste. Normally fruit ciders are around 4% but Glebe fruit ciders are all 6% and pack a bit of a punch but beware they don’t taste like their strength. Learn More
  9. Glebe Farm - Ginger Side-R

    Glebe Farm - Ginger Side-R

    6.5% - Sweet fruit

    Made on Glebe Farm in Cambridgeshire and flavoured with natural ginger this cider has a mellow warm side to it without over-powering the delicate "apple" flavour of the Cider. Learn More
  10. Glebe Farm - Lime Sider-R

    Glebe Farm - Lime Sider-R

    6% - Sweet fruit

    Our "Side-R" Cider is made only from Cambridgeshire grown apples (only eating and cooking varieties) fully fermented out then sweetened with apple juice and flavoured with a natural lime.A new take on fruit cider, which is very refreshing. Learn More
  11. Glebe Farm - Mulled Sider-R
    Glebe Farm "Side-R" Cider is made only from Cambridgeshire grown apples. The juice from dessert and cooking varieties grown in the county are left to ferment fully before being blended carefully to produce the right flavours. This is a well balanced medium cider with a secret mixture of herbs and spices to awaken your tastebuds. Delicious mulled in winter or chilled for a cider punch in summer. Learn More
  12. Gwynt Y Ddraig - Happy Daze
    This Welsh cider has a fruity appley aroma and a well balanced finish. A light, easy to drink, medium clear cider. A good starting point if your are not used to still cider. Learn More
  13. Gwynt Y Ddraig - Two Trees Perry

    Gwynt Y Ddraig - Two Trees Perry

    4.5% - Medium sweet perry

    This oak aged, Welsh perry is quite clear, has a caramel nose and a dry finish. Made from blending two varieties of pears, this is a very lively and easy to drink perry. Learn More
  14. Hogans - Panking Pole
    A dry Warwickshire cider, which gets its name from the long pole used in the orchard to shake the cider apple harvest from the trees. This is a classic golden cloudy cider with a typical cider apple bitterness and fruit aromas. Dry on the palate, its complex flavours deliver a strong finish. Learn More
  15. Hogans - Pickers Passion

    Hogans - Pickers Passion

    5.3% - Medium

    A delicious, easy drinking medium Warwickshire cider, with a warm honey colour and a distinctive appley aroma. It combines rich peaty undertones with the fresh taste of bittersweet apples. Learn More
  16. Hogans - Poachers Perry

    Hogans - Poachers Perry

    5.8% - Medium perry

    A smooth traditional medium perry, made in the Malverns, with a fresh fruity aroma and bittersweet finish. Learn More
  17. Lilley's cider barn - Gladiator
    Our strongest cider! This strong rustic Somerset cider with its Roman flair has everything. Well rounded, fruity, packed full of flavour and intoxicatingly easy to drink for an 8.5% cider. Medium Sweet. Learn More
  18. Lilley's cider barn - Lilley's Beesting Perry
    Bee Sting is sweet and incredibly refreshing with a wonderful pear aroma. Learn More
  19. Lilley's cider barn - Lilley's Crazy Goat
    A medium sweet blend of Somerset cider and perry expertly blended giving it a mouth-watering, juicy flavour. Quite strong and sweet. Learn More
  20. Lilley's cider barn - Lilley's Mango Cider
    An aromatic sweet Somerset cider expertly blended with exotic mango to create a mouth watering tropical flavour. Very fruity and very easy drinking. Just like drinking fruit juice this is one of our most popular ciders. Learn More
  21. Lilley's cider barn - Lilley's Merry Monkey
    A medium Somerset scrumpy made with unfiltered bittersweet apples, cloudy honey coloured, full of character with a rich appley flavour. Learn More
  22. Lilley's cider barn - Lilley's Sunset
    This is a rich and fruity Somerset cider bursting with apple flavour, to create a lovely sweet cider. Learn More
  23. Pulp - Apple

    Pulp - Apple

    4.7% - Fruit medium

    The orchard apples are a mix of Herefordshires finest. We have used a blend of real cider apples, bitter sharps and bitter sweets to which are added some desert varieties to make a zesty medium dry and very refreshing cider. Learn More
  24. Pulp - Beetroot and Orange

    Pulp - Beetroot and Orange

    4% - Fruit medium

    A vibrant beet red cider created by melding the earthiness of beetroot with the subtle sweetness of oranges to create a delicious autumnal cider Learn More
  25. Pulp - Damson

    Pulp - Damson

    4% - Fruit medium

    100% Real fruit in proper Herefordshire Cider, mixed with Damson Juice giving a very delicate note with a sweet finish and a complex flavour. The damson fruit gives a lovely pink purple hue to the cider. Learn More
  26. Pulp - Plum, Orange and Ginger

    Pulp - Plum, Orange and Ginger

    4% - Fruit medium

    The mellow taste of plum is enriched with orange and a hint of ginger to create a wonderfully balance warming festive cider. Recommended to be served warm but equally delicious cold. Learn More
  27. Pulp - Rhubarb

    Pulp - Rhubarb

    4% - Fruit medium

    A sparkling Rhubarb Cider....all pulp, no fiction! This craft medium cider is made the way ciders should be...from pure juice. Delicately flavoured with genuine Yorkshire rhubarb to create a refreshing zingy cider where the fruit tastes as it should - from Yorkshire! Learn More
  28. Pure North - Fusion

    Pure North - Fusion

    6.5% - Medium dry

    Another PureNorth special, this is a fusion of his dry and medium Yorkshire ciders, making a distinctive refreshing cider which shows its northern roots. A clean crisp taste with deep apple flavour. Learn More
  29. Pure North - Sweet Union
    A medium sweet Yorkshire cider made from bittersweet cider apples and sweetened with fresh pressed apple juice made from Katy apples. A delicious drink, with a full apple flavour. Learn More
  30. Pure North - Valley Gold
    Rob at PureNorth started making cider with apples from an old orchard at his home near Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. Using 100% pressed juice, Valley Gold is a still medium cider single filtered to leave a deep gold colour with strong apple flavours.Refreshingly delicious. Learn More
  31. Sandford Orchards - Bumble berry
    Produced in Devon, a delicious medley of Summer Fruits create a marvellous sweet fruit cider. Learn More
  32. Sandford Orchards - Devon Mist

    Sandford Orchards - Devon Mist

    4.5% - Medium sweet

    Not every cloudy cider has to be a challenge, Devon Mist is medium sweet and a gentle joy. Rich and mellow autumnal fruit with a satisfying finish. Learn More
  33. Sandford Orchards - Devon Scrumpy
    Slightly cloudy and very full flavoured. A soft Devon taste with a pleasant bite and finish.Fermented straight from fresh apple juice with wild yeasts. Learn More
  34. Sandford Orchards - Ginger
    A great winter cider from Devon, which also makes a refreshing summer quencher. Whole root ginger is crushed through their cider mill to release the citrus heat only fresh ginger can bring. Marrying with a light fresh scrumpy the whole effect is an aromatic explosion! Learn More
  35. Sandford Orchards - Old Kirton
    A still Devon cider, and quite dry. An extremely traditional cider pressed through straw, really good with strong cheese or fatty meats, and superb as a cooking cider. Straw pressing is a craft which is hanging on in very few places, but not to be bettered according to the purists. Learn More
  36. Sandford Orchards - Pear Shaped

    Sandford Orchards - Pear Shaped

    7.5% - Perry sweet

    Med/Sweet - A beautiful Devon perry, made with a mix of Perry and desert pears to give it a light sweet pear taste and pleasant crispness. Lightly warming on the finish with faint spices. Learn More
  37. Sandford Orchards - Strawberry Lane
    Ripe red strawberries are juiced and blended with cask Devon cider and a healthy squeeze of fresh lime. Delicate, sweet and naturally pink in colour, this cider is blessed with all of the charms of summer and a pleasing citrus kick. Learn More
  38. Twister Cider - Desert Dry
    There is not enough water in the Thames to bring back your taste buds once you’ve sipped on Desert Dry and you wouldn’t want to either as this pure taste will always get you coming back for more. Produced from a mixture of bittersharp and sharp cider apples for the ultimate flavour, Desert Dry can be enjoyed with many food dishes or just with the sun on your face. Learn More
  39. Twister Cider - Misty

    Twister Cider - Misty

    6% - Medium

    A smooth mild cider with a powerful apple aroma, Misty Medium combines the great flavours of the classical Kingston Black, Dymock Red, Harry Masters Jersey and Stoke Red. Crushed and Pressed together the cider takes on an earthy apply experience with a slight astringent after taste. Learn More
  40. Twister Cider - Wild Orchard
    Deep on the Dorset/Somerset Border lies a small village where the cider apple trees have been growing wild for over 40 years and it is from these apples Wild Orchard was born. Its rich colour draws you in and tempts you to smell sweetness contained within and the pleasant fresh apple taste which is only produced from an natural orchard where a commercial hands have been kept away. Learn More